The Apollo Pavilion was designed by the artist Victor Pasmore within the context of his role as Consulting Director of Urban Design at Peterlee (1955-77). Described by the artist as being a ‘synthesis of art and architecture’, it was completed in July 1969, coinciding with the first Moon landing by the crew of Apollo 11. Located in the Sunny Blunts housing estate, the Pavilion’s presence proved controversial after it fell into disrepair during the 1980s. The ensuing shadow of demolition was lifted only when the site was refurbished in 2009. Today, the Pavilion is a Grade II* Listed Building and is regarded by some as being one of the most significant works of art in Britain.

About Apollo Pavilion Projects CIC

We began life as the Apollo Pavilion Community Association (APCA), which tirelessly campaigned for the restoration of the Pavilion. This lobbying along with increased interest in Pasmore’s work led to substantive refurbishment in 2009 and two years later the Pavilion was awarded the protection of a Grade II* Heritage Status, putting it among the most important five percent of buildings in this country.

In 2022 the APCA became Apollo Pavilion Projects CiC. We aim to safeguard Pasmore’s social and cultural legacy by furthering the preservation and promotion of the Pavilion and by informing public understanding of Pasmore’s wider contribution to the planning and development of the social and built environment. We do this by advocacy and building partnerships and by producing and commissioning high quality public events and stimulating education programmes.



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